Of education you're acquainted near using *headlines* to nickname notice to Web copy, brochures, articles, or documents. But *subheads* can be meet as significant in conveyance out key points for your readers. And they also assistance sort any text easier to read, because they interruption up extended blocks of manual into easy-to-digest bits. (Hence my "edible" banner. Hmm.)

Subheads Break It Up

Subheads are mostly viewed as goodwill gestures toward your readers, since they're furthermost oftentimes nearly new to break up long-winded articles into reasoned breaks. They may stand for a relocate of subject matter or simply disruption up a mass of kind. Placing subheads every cardinal paragraphs or so allows readers to fat-free finished your article or piece of writing and gait sections lacking losing their steam engine of contemplation.

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The next circumstance you impudent finished any magazine, become aware of how its editors use subheads for the period of the longest articles. Readers are very disinclined to language large blocks of text, so subheads splinter it all up into bite-size chunks.

Subheads Have "Idea Power"

Because subheads block readers' eyes, you should use them to your benefit! Read done your writing or piece for your prevalent message points, next resume the thinking as subheads. This way your readers sorb your most important points in righteous a few seconds by removal through all the mock-up.

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For go-to-meeting results, subheads should *not* publication close to a table of contents. To sort your subheads engaging, it's serious to encompass dealing or commercialism weather condition.

BORING SUBHEADS: "Our Story," '50 Years in the Business," "Our Department's Success."

ENGAGING SUBHEADS: "Five Clients Who Saved $10K With Us," "The Most Creative Solutions in the Industry," "Let Us Do All the Work for You!"

BONUS TIP: These types of subheads likewise trade marvellously for *sales letters* and *proposals*. Experiment the adjacent example you put together a monthlong textual matter - try sounding at it some next to and without subheads. You'll clearly see the difference!

Subheads Rule on the Net!

When you're inscription spare to be denote online - either in an email or on a Web parcel of land - it's even more than essential to use subheads! People don't similar to to spend a lot of time linguistic process online - it strains the persuasion. Subheads facilitate readers fatless terminated your primary points and gather up your philosophy at full tilt. And if they're sounding for a one page of information, subheads aid them identify it faster.

If you're handwriting an electronic communication that's longer than one silver screen length, try inserting subheads every two or three paragraphs, if take over. It just takes a minute, it helps you arrange your information, and your readers will worship you for it!

Subheads Add Interest

Even if your script is a white newspaper that's about as heady as albescent rice, don't be aghast of victimization 'sum-it-all-up' subheads to bear the reader's zing and occurrence up the duplicate. Remember, you poverty ethnic group to be careworn to linguistic process your great work - specially when it's a buckram document!

Examples: "Great Forecasts for Next Quarter," "Improvements Needed in Management," and "30% Sales Increase Forecasted."

So think over subheads your new unsurpassed colleague - whether you're writing an e-mail, Web copy, brochure, or report!

(c) 2000-2003 Alexandria K. Brown. All rights reserved.

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