Dear Loved Ones,

Welcome to Spirituality Inside and Out and the Daily Universal Insights.

We wanted the complete global into this commune of Love, Gratitude and Oneness.

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I worship you. I respect you. I liking you. FOR WE ARE ALL ONE.

I invitation you to breathe in, and let yourselves to be present next to this worship and reflection.


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I am that I am, I am Peace. As I am Peace I am One near all that Is.

In this trice in juncture my Peace is your Peace. As we are all One.

A announcement to the Universe of Love.
In this sec of Oneness we choose to let go of all of our Anger, Resentment, Frustration, Fear, Worry, Doubt, Hatred, Envy, Despair, Judgments, Criticisms, Sorrow and any outcaste emotions that we are harboring in our whist.

We pick this day as we recall our Souls as One with God. We make a choice to be at Peace next to who and what we are. We settle on to judge what is and write Peace beside what we are resisting in our lives. We settle on Peace.

I am that I am, I am Peace. As I am Peace I bestow you my Peace.
As I grant you my Peace after you shall supply on to others as we are all One.

I am that I am , I am in the Presence of Peace as I put on a pedestal my arm way up giant I let myself be as I conquer onto the Heavenly sky informed that Heaven is Right Here inwardly the Peace that I am.

I am that I am. I singing as One with Peace. As I dwell One with Peace, I am Peace.
I impart this Magnificent God and All that is for the advantage for self animate and I approve all those whom have transitioned and have passed on. I Let go and I Let God.

As I Let go and Let God I am at Peace near a wise to that God is present sounding out for me and all those whom adjust themselves near God. As God is our Light we shall allow our Light to glisten away today and both day. We shall concede and Be as we are all One.

We are really Grateful for all that we are and all that we have. As our Souls issue up with delight, beside the Closeness and Oneness beside God and the Divine, we are at Peace.

I am that I am, I am Peace. I am Peace and I care you to be One near Peace.
When you are One beside Peace then I am One with Peace.
I warmth you for we are all One.

Today let us break in God and let us Be our Godly selves so that God knows in our short whist that we yearn for to BE Pure in Heart and Loyal to ourselves, all some other and God.

I friendliness you for person you and for beingness donation in my enthusiasm so that I can germinate next to you in this energy event.

Thank you for your Peace.

Thank you for your Light.

Thank you for your Love.

For we are all One.

May you be all that your Heart desires you to be.

And so it is. Bless you.

I warmth you. I liking you. I be keen on you. Peace be near you.

Please touch clear to forward and slice these Insights beside your family, friends, associates, helpers, boss, teachers, students and enemies to discover a space of sociability to fabricate Oneness.

May the warmth and fluffy of God and the Universe surround, safeguard and make well you, your cherished ones and the celestial body floor.

With Love, Gratitude and Respect,

Michelle Morovaty

Truly, With God All Things Are Possible

© Copyright 2007 Spirituality Inside and Out, LLC

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