Upper Saddle River, N.J. - December 2004 - Compensation Resources, Inc. has free the results of its 2004 Year-End Compensation Survey. The intention of this examination was to dig up indemnity collection previously owned for trending and planning purposes at companies of all sizes and shapes. Data was compiled from study questions that were formulated by CRI and distributed to companies in terminated 14 business enterprise classifications, in tallying to Not-for-Profit organizations. The survey sampled closing reimbursement information from a assortment of organizations, collected in October and November 2004.

Results indicated that the middling virtue/salary escalate for all member of staff structural groups was 3.9% in 2004, and 3.8% is the midpoint proposed ought to have/salary gain for all groups in 2005. Companies that have more than 10,000 personnel showed the lowest worth/salary increases in 2004 and projected 2005 among all opposite corporation sizes. Among all study participants, the cipher of layoffs, hiring freezes, and income freezes are foretold to subside from 2004 to 2005. Results indicated that point of reference awards for Short-Term Incentive Plans are substantially higher in Publicly-Traded companies as opposed to Privately-Held companies and Not-for-Profit companies. Results besides disclosed that mark awards as a proportionality of stub earnings enlargement as revenues increase. Overall, in terms of Long-Term Incentive Plans, Non-Qualified Stock Options are the most traditionally provided plans, which are intimately followed by hard cash bonuses. Stock Appreciation Rights are the least possible usually utilised Long-Term Incentive Plans. Results besides indicated that companies next to better revenues furnish oodles more than Long-Term Incentive Plans than companies near less revenues. Overall, in footing of the Compensation Package Mix, basis net makes up the greatest percentage of the mix, followed by Long-Term Incentives and past Annual Bonus/Incentives.
During the months of November and December 2004, CRI surveyed 104 companies online to enquire going on for their closing 2004 bonuses. 43.3% of the companies indicated that their bonuses would be higher than they were in 2003. In a of the same kind scrutiny CRI conducted in year-end 2003, sole 25.6% of the companies indicated that their bonuses would be superior than they were in 2002.

Determining pay strategies can be a exceedingly fractious and deadening task; therefore, CRI recommends companies takings the shadowing approaches:

Ø understand your employees' perceptions give or take a few the sum costs package;

Ø measure the well-defined helpfulness of the remunerate to employee sincerity and the organization; and

Ø communicate to your organization nearly the conglomerate and the business impacts of their rewards.

It is too defining to recollect that the complete penitence assemblage is not of late going on for pay; it is as well astir the carry out culture, hours, benefits, line of work development, and content increases.

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