With the new liberation of IE7 (basically hard-pressed out and controlled on you, aaarrrgg), those whom in use IE6 as a FTP client will spot whatsoever changes and issues. Here are the highlights of the changes:

* The URL language rules beside enclosed username and password

(ie. [ftp://usr:pswd]@ftp.domain.com)

and alike language rules is no long substantiated.

* In bidding to "Login As..." within are a few much clicks involved, and a new framework must be staring.

* Actually, IE7 itself does not frequent a non-anonymous login at all... you essential depart the setting in Windows Explorer.


1) Continue to embark on FTP sites mistreatment IE7, but if you obligation "Login As...", do the following: Click on Page in the high permission corner, then sound "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer". When place opens in Windows Explorer, later clink File, Login As... Enter your username and password, sound Log On fastener.

2) You can squirrel away a few clicks by pipe the FTP tract direct in Windows Explorer. There are plentiful way of first night Explorer, suchlike merely first "My Computer" afterwards form your FTP URL in the computer code bar. Like

[ftp://ftp.sitename.com], later if you entail to logon as, unscrew File, Logon As... and go into username password, Log On button, as above.

3) Recommended Solution - DON'T USE IE OR EXPLORER.

I have never liked the use of Internet Explorer as an FTP client. As an IT manager, the issues caused by this have created much calls to my backing table than any remaining print. IE is basically in the region of the bottom FTP client I can come up with of. So, what to use? Well, location are numerous absolve FTP clients that do a markedly enhanced job. The top two that I urge are FileZilla and CuteFTP Free Trial. If you call for optimum tech aid and are willing to pay for it, I propose WS_FTP by IpSwitch.

Enjoy your FTP!



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