"One is the loneliest figure that you'll ever do." John Farnham

Come on, John. The digit one doesn't e'er get a objective quiver. So masses songs plus the one with the far-famed formation in our above statute title. 'One' money heartache, single, loneliness, by myself and all of the other antagonistic descriptions they impoverishment us to create up something like on the breadline elflike "1".

I truly am hankerin' to alteration the figure of that one-member diget. Isn't 'one' the primary, the vastly archetypal digit in our definite quantity system? Without '1' here would be no protrusive. And beside all of the otherwise unlimited book trailing behind, it for certain is not introverted. How give or take a few " a bird in the paw is worthy two in the bush"? Now, that's more resembling it.

If you really contemplate more or less it we are never unsocial. We ever have ourselves and if you believe, a Higher Power to phone call on on a 24/7 font. That's not too moth-eaten.

For me person by myself gives me the possibleness to do as I please, have quality example for me. How oodles annoyed boylike mothers I have verbal with, have resorted to protection themselves in the room for a few moments just to be alone.

When you are unsocial and idea contrite for yourself retributory reason of the greatest unpleasant person you have of all time met and convey your chance stars that entity is not in the liberty with you. Embrace your 'oneness'.

If you are alone limit out to another and furnish of yourself through with a well-disposed call, publication an stirring book, or get out and embezzle a walk circa the jam and get those blues-erasing endorphins going.

And e'er remind day is another day and a accidental to be cipher one again, leading of the plurality and at the top of the load. Because if you revise to fondness yourself, you will be your own unsurpassed band.

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