As Bringhurst says in, The Elements of Typographic Style: "In typescript, a identical twin punctuation mark (-) is habitually nearly new for a daylong elegance. Double hyphens in a impress text are a definite intimation that the manner was set by a typist, not a typographer" First, the en-dash* (-) is the shorter of the two (about the span of the individuality N) Access on the Mac is Option -(minus) For the PC it is: clasp Alt consequently variety 0150 It is used to symbolize a collection of righteous in the region of thing near numbers, as well as dates, times, numbers, lame scores, and pages in any category of script.

It is as well in use instead of the sound "to" or a dash to stand for a connexion concerning things, like: New York-Boston Amtrak pp. 13-26 Nov. 27-Jan 13 4:30-5:00 PM 40-55 cm There may (or may not) be span previously and after an en fly depending on placement and linguistic context. Second, the em dash, which is around the extent of a property "M" It is accessed on the Mac by striking Shift Option - (minus) On the PC: clench Alt afterwards kind 0151 It indicates a fulminant stopover in thought-a parenthetical demand like this one-or an ajar range, 1987-? or instead of a colon or punctuation to link clauses. Typically nearby are NO spaces before or after an em splash.

Bringhurst likewise says: "The em tear is the 19th period standard, increasingly nonarbitrary in various article set book books, but the em elan is too long-range for use with the finest record faces. Like the large heavens involving sentences, it belongs to the cushiony and corseted aesthetic of Victorian trade." An easy way to call back these is to merely weighing of n is beforehand m in the alphabet, so it it is the early or the "shorter" of the two. * the en-dash may perhaps not show in good order depending on what spectator you are mistreatment. But external the watcher global it should be fabulous.



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